5 Ways to Make your Android Device Stunning-Android Tips

Do you get bored from using the same Ui in your smartphone? Let’s customize your smartphone’s UI.Let’s make your smartphone to a fresh one. There few things you can do for customize the Ui.

Installing a custom launcher


Launcher is the main part that makes the user interface of your smartphone. The user works on the launcher which is running on your device. The default launcher that comes with your device doesn’t allow the user to do make big changes on your device. That’s why you need to install a custom launcher to customize your smartphone’s UI. Let’s see  a list of best Android Launchers.

List Of Android Launchers

  • NOVA launcher.
  • Evie Launcher.
  • Apex Launcher.
  • Google Now Launcher.
  • Poco Launcher.
  • Lawnchair 2.
  • Smart 5 Launcher.
  • Launcher iOS 13.

You can select one of above launcher at your choice and install on your device yourself.

Add custom icons.

Icon packs

Changing the icons of the apps of your smartphone brings  a fresh and new look to your smartphone. To install Custom icons you need to install a custom launcher first. Because the default launcher doesn’t support to custom icons. If you have installed a custom launcher now you can download a custom icon pack. 

List of custom icon packs

  • Candy Cons.
  • Delta.
  • Pixbit.
  • Pix UI icon pack 2.
  • Polycon.
  • Voxel.
  • Retrorika.

 You can download any of above icon packs  from the google play store for your choice.

Then, we have to add the icon pak to your launcher. First, go to settings of the custom launcher. There will be a option like change icons or icon. From there you can select the icon pack that you installed early.

Icon Pack

Change the wallpaper

When you seeing the same wallpaper for a long time you get bored. So you can change the wallpaper of your smartphone once a week and get a fresh look.

Adding Widgets.

You can add widgets to your smartphone’s homescreen and make it beautiful. You can make make Widgets also instead of the default widgets that comes in your device. You can use an app to make own customized widgets.

Widget making apps.

  • Ultimate Custom Widget.
  • Buzz Widget.
  • HD Widgets.
  • KWGT. (Kustom Widget Maker).

Add a custom lock screen.

Changing lock screen brings a new look to your smartphone. You can download apps to customize your lockscreen.  Let’s see a list of apps to customize the lock screen.

Lock screen customizing apps.

  • AC Display.
  • Cover lock screen.
  • Echo nortification Lock screen.
  • Always On AMOLED.
  • Hi locker

You can try these apps yourself and select a matching one for you.

Finally, you can make a great Ui on your smartphone by following above steps.

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