How to install Gcam MOD in any Android Phone: Gcam Guide

What is Gcam?

GCam is a mobile phone camera application. It is designed and developed by Google. This application only works on Android devices. This GCam Application comes with Google Pixel devices. Google camera is an improved camera application that gives much software support to capture amazing photos. Portrait Mode, Night Mode, Lens blur, and Astrophotography (introduced recently). With google camera, you will not need a dual-camera smartphone to capture a portrait image. Because Gcam has enabled software portrait. And also night mode and other modes give you a chance to capture high-quality photos from your device. But you can’t download and install this application on your device directly.  It will not work. So, you have a process some steps to install Gcam. Let’s see how to install Gcam.


Compatibility of Gcam

 GCam works best in the Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset. It also works with Samsung Exynos Chipset. Gcam doesn’t work in a lot of Mediatek Chipsets. But Gcam works in new Mediatek Chipsets. Before you start the installation process of Gcam you will have to know whether your device supports Gcam. For installing Gcam we need to enable camera2Api on our device. First, let’s check if your phone has pre-enabled Camera2Api.

  • First download Manual Camera Compatibility App from the play store.
  • Then open the Manual Camera Compatibility App.
  • Then press on the start button.
  • After the app tested your phone if you got green ticks as below picture you do not need to enable camera 2 API. Then you can download and install cam install manually.
cam 2 api enabled
  • But if you got red ticks as following you have to enable Camera2Api manually on your device.
Cam 2 api not enabled gcam
  •  Let’s Enable Camera2Api manually on your device.

Requirements for enable Camera2Api

  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • Custom Recovery (TWRP).
  • Camera2Api enabler zip. (Download it from here.)

Enable Camera2Api.

  • Copy the downloaded Camera2Api zip to your device.
  • First power off your device. Then reboot it to the Recovery mode by pressing the volume up and power button.
  • In the recovery, select install and locate the zip Camera2Api zip you copied to your device.
  • Then select the Camera2 API .zip and swipe to flash.
Cam 2 API
  • Reboot to system.
  • Then open the Manual Camera Compatibility App downloaded before.
  • Now you will find all the ticks are in green color.
cam 2 api enabled
  • You have enabled Camera2Api successfully.
  • Then let’s download Gcam Apk for your device.

Downloading Gcam

  • You can easily download the Google camera apk from here.
  • Then install it on your phone and capture awesome photos.

Benefits of installing GCam.

  • You can capture better pictures than the stock camera.
  • Single-camera portrait mode enabled.
  • Night Mode.
  • Astrophotography.
  • Lens Blur.

Gcam Vs Stock Camera Comparison

Gcam Vs stock cam

You can see the difference between the photos of the Stock camera and Gcam mod. Gcam photos have beautiful colours. Gcam increase colors and make the photo sharpen. Furthermore, Gcam focusing is brilliant. Te depth effect more quality than our stock camera. GCam MOD has a Rich HDR + feature to capture detailed photos. Another thing is you can control HDR settings and the exposure and colors as you prefer. You can configure Gcam by adding Configuration XML file that compatible with your device and get better photos. When we comparing the above two pictures the photo taken by Gcam MOD as details and beautiful colors than the photo taken by Stock Camera.

Let’s see night photos comparison between Stock camera and GcamMod.


You can see the difference between the picture taken with the stock camera and the photo taken with Gcam MOD. The photo taken wit Gcam Mod is clear and brighter. To capture the above photos hasn’t used flash. But the photo taken with gcam is really good. Gcam has a mode called Night Sight. That feature allows you to capture amazing photos even at night and low light environments. You can capture brilliant photos using Gcam MOD. 

So if you have a budget device with a mid-range camera,  I recommend you install this Gcam MOD. Then you can capture good looking photos.

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